UCS Users

What is UCS

UCS, a short for Union Catalog Server, is a one-stop-bibliographies-repository for SLiMS users. They can share their information inside their library with other SLiMS users who have the same field of interests or idealism to build a greater service for people to harvest knowledge from what they have.

Below is a list of networks from SLiMS users that gain benefit from the existence of UCS.

Union Catalog Servers

  1. JogjaLib.Net
  2. PrimurLib.Net (Priangan Timur)
  3. Damandiri Library Network
  4. Jatimlib.Net
  5. Jaringan Perpustakaan Islam Indonesia
  6. PangkepLib.net (Pangkajene dan Kepulauan, Sulawesi Selatan)
  7. Makassarlib.Net
  8. Perpusda Jawa Tengah
  9. UCS Smart Library
  10. Perpustakaan Bersama Remaja Mesjid Al-Fajar
  11. IAIN Walisongo Semarang
  12. WarPUS Madiun.Net
  13. AmbonLib.net
  14. Perpustakaan Kementerian Kelautan dan Perikanan
  15. Katalog Induk Perpustakaan Perguruan Tinggi Agama Islam

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